How is vaginal whitening done

Increasing aesthetic operations in recent years, increasingly began to spread to many areas. Among the problems that women often encounter are blackouts in the vagina. These blackouts in the Bikini region are very uncomfortable for women in terms of aesthetics. Based on this problem, which is frequently experienced by women, we will try to give you information about how to whiten the vagina and to give you all the information about this subject. Why Bikini Region Blends? The outer region of the vagina is called vulva. This region is generally darkened over time depending on hormonal changes and age progression. In particular, the estrogen hormone that increases to the upper levels during pregnancy causes the vulva to become darker. The darkening of the genital area continues after pregnancy. This darkening occurs in women with dark skin is more pronounced. Hormonal disorders, contraceptive use, skin diseases and polycystic ovary syndrome are among the factors that cause darkening in the genital region except estrogen hormone. In addition, false hair removal is applied to clean the vagina area; The use of hot wax, razor blade and faulty laser hair removal, the use of synthetic underwear, excess weight and narrow dressing lead to darken the vagina area. The darkening of the vagina may be in a genetic condition except for all these. Is there any harm in the darkening of the genital area? Thickening in the genital area is worried about women. Many women wonder if there is a disease below this darkening that occurs later in the vagina. However, this decision made in the vagina region has no harm to people. This situation affects people only aesthetically and psychologically. Especially in summer, women who use bikinis or swimwear feel bad because of the blackening of the vagina area. How is the Vagina Whitening Process Made with Laser?

Prior to laser treatment, local anesthetic creams are applied to the genital area and pain sensation is reduced during the procedure. During the process, which takes 20-25 minutes in total, the blackening of the vagina area is performed by laser beam. The applied laser rays dissolve the melanocyte cells and prevent the production of melanin, thus allowing the vagina region to whiten. Redness, swelling, water accumulation and edema formation are quite normal in the area where laser is applied after the procedure. After the procedure, darkening occurs in the genital area and then the dead skin cells are poured and replaced by a brighter and white skin texture. In the vaginal whitening procedure, the epidermis layer at the top of the skin is peeled off. Underneath this layer is a more shiny and pink skin layer. By using the laser method used for vaginal whitening, breech, vaginal access, inner-outer lips and all of the anal region can be whitened. Things to consider after vaginal whitening After vaginal whitening, people can continue their social life easily. The creams given by the doctor should be used regularly for a week. The lack of water contact for 1-2 days in the bleached area will result in a faster recovery of the treated area. If all these steps are taken into consideration, a full recovery is achieved in about 10 days. The skin tissue in the region where vagina whitening is performed with laser will be more vivid, full and healthy. For vaginal whitening, usually 1 session is sufficient. However, in women with dark skin or in people with hormonal disorders, 2-3 procedures should be performed. Does Laser Vagina Whitening Work Loss? Laser rays used in vagina bleaching process are not damaged if done by specialist physicians. The laser beams can act 3-4 mm deep to the skin and this is a very superficial process. The laser beam has absolutely no effect on the uterus, the ovaries and the cervix. It is also stated that people do not cause any negative situations such as sexual reluctance, infertility and menstrual irregularities. Vagina Whitening by Natural Methods There are methods which can be easily applied at home for the blackening of the later genital area. Natural methods that can be applied for vaginal whitening are as follows; Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe vera gel is one of the methods that bleach the blackening of the vagina. For this purpose, the aloe vera is divided into two halves and the gel inside it is put on the bikini area and waited for a while. Then rinse. Lemon Massage: a few drops of lemon are dripped on the black spots and massaged. After the lemon is completely dry, it is rinsed with water. By repeating this procedure every 2-3 days, the darkening in the area can be reduced. However, if there is a wound or irritation in the area of ​​darkening, lemon bleaching is not appropriate. Apple Juice Massage: Half an apple is shredded and water is applied to the areas of blackening and massage is done. Two times a week, this procedure will allow the vagina region to whiten. Olive Oil Massage: A few drops of olive oil will be sufficient for the blackening of the vagina. Since olive oil has a restorative effect, it is sufficient to dry the applied area with a napkin. The reliability of vaginal bleaching by natural methods has not been scientifically proven. At the same time, contact with various substances in the vagina may cause allergic reactions or a number of skin damage. Therefore, women who have problems with vagina blacking are advised to consult a doctor in their field.



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