Face Lift Surgery

When should a face lift be performed? Non-surgical procedures became more common in aesthetics. Botulinum toxin, filler, radiofrequency and laser energy working devices are in the service of many people in the center. With the success of these methods, it is possible to manage until the 40s. In some face types, maybe even longer, we can look younger by doing these intermittent periods. However, after 45 years of age, many people begin to develop sagging sags that cannot be solved by other procedures. Face lifting is essential at this stage. The skin irregularities, especially in the jaw line and the skin in the neck area, are quite disturbing. What to do in face lift surgery? The face is a whole. When the entire face is compatible, it appears pleasing to the eye. If we simply describe our procedure during facelift surgery; The structure called Smass, which forms the muscle, fat and membrane tissue of our face, is corrected by sagging the sagging face and the abundant skin is taken to the appropriate extent. At the same time, signs of old age on the upper and lower eyelid can be corrected. In this region, the skin intake and displaced fats are transported to the appropriate place and the excess is taken. In addition, after the age of 60 years, sagging occurs in the neck area. The neck muscle may also be collected as an inner corset during facelift surgery. The dangling skin can be removed in an appropriate manner. In patients with excess weight, fat may be required from the neck. What should be considered before face lifting surgery? Drugs that are likely to increase bleeding before facelift surgery, herbal tea should be discontinued. Smoking is particularly delayed in facial stretching. Smoking should be discontinued 3 weeks prior to surgery. The hair can not be dyed for 1 month after the surgery and can be dyed 1 week in advance. Details of face lift surgery The scalp is removed with a surgical incision starting from the ear-haired skin and extending from the front of the ear to the back of the ear to the scalp. The soft tissue containing the facial sagging facial muscles is hung by special sutures. The excess portion of the skin is removed. Thus, the skin abundance in the temple, cheek and chin region is eliminated. The depth of the laughing lines at the mouth decreases. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. During face lift, eyelid aesthetics and neck stretching can be performed.

Is there any sign of scarring after facelift surgery? The special sewing and dressing materials used are usually minimized. The top and bottom of the trace is invisible because it is between the scalp. The ear around the ear is also unclear when the ear is in the face merging line. If the complications described below (bleeding, infection, skin loss, often seen in cigarette users) develop, scar treatment may be left behind, as wound healing is delayed. What should be considered after facelift surgery? One day after surgery, the ear is removed from the ear to prevent the collection of fluids in the area. Post-surgery ice application accelerates the healing process. Surgery is discharged on the 2nd day. A sunglasses can be worn for discharge. The sutures on face and eyelids are removed in 1 week. Baths can be done 2 days after surgery. It is normal to have a flattened numbness in about a few weeks. Use gentle gestures when you are doing your makeup while combing your hair. For at least two weeks, avoid heavy exercises such as sex and heavy housework, and avoid activities such as steam baths and saunas. Sunscreen creams should be used regularly for up to 6 months. Swelling and bruises disappear in 3 weeks. Usually return to work at the 2nd week. What is Mini Face Lift? If the surgical incision is done only in front of the ear, we call it mini-face lift surgery. The advantage of this surgery is to reduce the scarring and accelerate healing by performing a smaller operation. This procedure is preferred in patients who have no skin abundance in the jaw area between 40 and 50 years of age. What are the risks of facelift surgery? Hemorrhage: Since we do surgery in a non-bleeding environment with special medications that we infiltrate the region, our risk of bleeding after surgery is also low. In addition, the thin drain we place in this area also reduces this risk. However, this risk exists in patients with hypertension. Subcutaneous accumulation of blood can be removed easily. Bleeding under the skin may delay healing and result in poor scarring. Infection: The face is a very well-blooded area. Therefore, the risk of infection is very small. This risk is reduced to a lesser extent by the protective antibiotherapy we have applied before and after the surgery. In rare cases, if infection develops, additional antibiotic therapy and dressing may be required. Poor traces: Genetic traits, infections, or smoking may occur due to skin loss. These treatments may require additional treatments. Nerve damage: During the face lift operation, the motor and sensory nerves may be damaged. There may be weakness or loss of facial movements after face lift operation. Nerve damage can cause temporary or permanent loss of movement and sensation in the face. This type of damage can improve over time. Damage to the sensory nerves of the face, neck, and ear can cause temporary or permanent numbness. Painful nerve damage is very rare. Hair loss: Hair loss may occur in areas where the skin is pulled up during the face lift aesthetic. You should discuss this in advance with your physician. Should I have a facelift surgery again? Face lift surgery does not stop aging. Surgical tension is not permanent. Your facial skin will continue to age. After 10-15 years, you may want to have one more face lift surgery. On the other hand, the effects of facelift surgery continue; years later, you will continue to look better than when you didn't have face lift surgery.



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